News Update (12/04/14)

Hi all, More updates! We'll be releasing some further big news in about 2 weeks time though so check back again ;-) But in the meantime;


Committee Positions

Have you ever wanted to help with the running of your favourite convention and see it come to life before your very eyes? Well, two exciting positions have just opened up on the Nom-Con Committee! We have spaces available for an Anime Officer and a Cosplay Manager!

If you think you're up for the task, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the following information:
Contact Number:
Any relevant experience (event management, volunteering at other cons, etc.) And any ideas you have that would help make Nom-Con 2014 the best year yet!


Staffing at Nom-con

Details are now up on how you can apply to be a volunteer at Nom-con this August. We really appreciate everyone that applies for this as Nom-con just wouldn't be possible otherwise. To apply click here.


Artist Alley

Artist Alley is still accepting applications but beware the closing date of April 18th is approaching so act fast! More details here.



Nom-con is proud to announce that once again we will be taking part in the Eurocosplay Championship! The Irish winner from Nom-con will go on to represent Ireland in the finals in London next October! We've had some amazing entries in the past and hope to get more this year. Further details on the cosplay page.




News Update (21/02/014)


Anime Dublin

We're proud to announce that Anime Dublin, a mini con done in collaboration with Eirtakon, will be happening on the 26th of April this year in the Academy Plaza Hotel, just off O'Connell street. Tickets will cost just €10 and can be pre-booked through the webpage for the event. 

Events Submissions

Do you  have a great idea for an event to run at Nom-con this year? Then please sent it into us! Starting today you will be able to submit your idea for an event by filling in the online form on this site. Decisions on which events to use will be based on originality, presentation, interest, cost, and time needed. Successful candidates will get a free day pass. For further details please click here and all submissions will be greatly appreciated! :)

Artist Alley

Further details will be coming shortly but we plan to open submission for Artist alley at Nom-con 2014 in March and will be open for at least a month. In April then you will be contacted to say whether you were successful. Space is limited so our aim will be creativity and variety. Full details are to come soon! :)  Now open until April 18th!


If you are interested in Staffing Nom-con we'd love to hear from you! We will be opening recruitment during March with full details coming soon. 
The Nom-Con Committee

Guest Announcement! (19/01/14)

Ok it's finally time for our first major news announcement for Nom-Con 2014, our first guest! We are ridiculously lucky to be able to bring Christopher Sabat to Ireland next August. Christopher has voiced many characters in anime and games including Vegeta (It's over 9000!!), Piccolo, Mr Popo, and literally tons of voices from the Dragonball anime and games. He's also known for voicing Armstrong from FMA, Zoro from One Piece, and Garterbelt from Panty & Stocking. For more details on Chris please check out our guest page.
 More news will be incoming soon regarding when/how to apply for events, staff, Artist Alley and more so check back with the website over the next few weeks.

News Update! (01/12/13)

Hi all!
Hope you all had a wonderful time at Eirtakon! We Certainly did and wish to thank all the Committee, staff, traders, and fellow con goers for a fantastic weekend! Now that it's over onward Nom-con news!

Pre-Registration for Nom-Con 2014

Surprise! We have now opened Pre-registration for next August's Nom-con! 
Weekend pass - €35
Day Pay - €20
Also they make a wonderful Christmas present ~_^ Remember all pre-reg includes a free t-shirt which may grant you special powers and access to anime heaven in the afterlife.


To celebrate our new website and forums we shall be giving a prize to one lucky winner on December 14th. To enter just simply sign up for our forums and make at least one post before that date.

Nom-con Christmas Party

It's that time of year again when Santa does his rounds and Nom-con has it's annual christmas party full of the usual party games, cosplay and shenanigans. ^^ This year it'll be happening on Saturday, the 14th of December in the Academy Plaza Hotel just off O'Connell Street. We'll be updating the website and facebook in the next week or two with more details so stay tuned!
Best wishes,
Nom-con Committee
(P.S. Incase you missed it, here's our video from Eirtakon!)

Welcome to the new website of Nom-con 2014!(17/10/13)


Nom-Con 2013

First off many thanks to everyone who came to last year’s Nom-con; The amazing staff, the committee, the guests, the traders, the sponsors and most importantly you the attendees who all make this convention possible. Overall the weekend seemed to go pretty well and we got some great feedback from everyone. If you do have any more feedback or suggestions or ideas please feel free to post them in the new forums.
Also big thanks to everyone who donated in to the Charity or just bought something in the maid cafe. We raised over €2,000 for Aid for Japan and that will go towards helping Japanese orphans in need.


At the end of September a new committee for Nom-con was elected. This year we've seen more new faces than ever before join the ranks while at the same time saying fond farewell to many of last year’s committee who did some great work and was really appreciated, you will be missed. That said there are still a couple of positions to fill and details of this will be announced very soon! To view this year’s committee and contact details please go to our Contact us page.

Venue 2014

There's an enormous amount of work ahead of us and we've already been very busy the last few weeks! First off we are proud to announce our dates and venue for next year as being August 1st - 3rd in the Ballsbridge Hotel. Last time the staff at the hotel were very nice and the venue has a lot of potential in delivering a great convention so we decided to stick with it once again. 

New Website

The old website had fallen on hard times and it was time for a change so here you can see the fruits of many weeks of labor from our new webmaster with a brand new updated website and forums, and we do hope you'll love it as much as we do. Our plan with the site is to keep it regularly updated with all the latest information and news on the convention and its smaller events so please check back regularly. Also we hope you'll like the new layout of the forum and help us getting it buzzing again by signing up and posting away! =) 
This is only the beginning and we will have a lot more in store for you in the year that follows! Stay tuned for more updates! ;-) 
-The Nom-con Committee